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What Our team is about!

We-re all about teamwork.  

Working together we strive to get the job done in a safe, pleasant and productive environment. 

Training Programs

Employee training at CalGar is extensive and ongoing for our committed staff.  


Calgar also performs task planning and specific project training prior to commencement of work to review all safety, operational, staffing, schedule, equipment, materials and scope of work with all persons involved.

Safety Programs

The safety of our customers, employees and associates is of the utmost importance, and is regarded by us as the number one priority.


Second and third are Quality and Production respectively.


We've attained an impeccable safety record sine our inception in 2006, which is undoubtably  attributed to our "Safety 1st" philosophy, and the extra attention we continuously give to safe practices training and monitoring. 

Want to Join?

We love to see potential employees in person! Click here to contact one of our team members to get more information! 


Telephone: 972-437-6555

Fax: 972-636-8497

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